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Ken Block's New Car: Ford Mustang Hoonifox

Ken Block's New Car: Ford Mustang Hoonifox

Ken Block is well known for his collection of special edition Ford cars, from the Focus RS RX to the RS2000, the F-150 Hoonitruck, the Fiesta ST RX43 and other very special cars. Last week Block unveiled his latest project, the Hoonifox Mustang.


Based on a fox body Ford Mustang, this new project has yet to be realized but it seems it will be a reality soon. The Hoonifox is apparently the vehicle Block wants to do his new series of Gymkhana videos in.


Those new videos will be based in Miami and the idea apparently came from Miami Vice, only with a Lamborghini Countach instead of the white Ferrari that was in the TV show. As Block is something of a Ford fan, he and Ash Thorp came up with this fox body Mustang instead.


‘Hoonifox’ Ford Mustang


The ‘Hoonifox’ Ford Mustang is not yet real. It’s currently a fully realized design that could be on the way very soon. Ash Thorp designed the latest Batmobile, so is the perfect man for this job. The design was apparently inspired by Miami Vice along with some race cars and Block’s signature hood vent.


The design is a real mix of old and new. It looks angular like the original Miami Vice Ferrari Testarossa but also contemporary with those hood vents over each wheel, the black side exhausts, the shape of the front and rear body kit and those wheels.


The contemporary touches are contrasted with the old style wheels, rear screen louvres, rear light louvres and truck spoiler that looks straight out of the seventies. It’s a great design that fits well with the existing Ken Block stable.


2020 Ford Mustang


The 2020 Ford Mustang in its pure form is also a mix of heritage and modernity. It’s a very current design with respectful nods to the past and fits well with the Hoonifox concept.


This car is already available and ready to buy. It is also probably much more controllable for us mere mortals when we get behind the wheel!


The car seats four, behaves well on the road while offering the potential for fun at the weekends. It can be performing the school run one minute and skimming across the highway the next. It is a genuinely enjoyable car to own and drive.


The engines help with that. Even the four cylinders have proved many naysayers wrong and those V8 have never been up for debate. Along with solid mechanicals, an excellent transmission, fantastic road manners and decent safety tech, the Ford Mustang is the ideal go anywhere, do anything car!



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