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Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat caught out in the wild

Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat caught out in the wild

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We know the Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat is coming at some point, we just don’t know exactly in what guise and when. It seems that time is nearing if the video below is anything to go by. It shows what can only be the Jeep Hellcat being drive around Detroit and the unmistakable sound of a supercharger is made obvious close to the end of that video.

The video, uploaded by YouTube user Sinister Life shows a cammed up Jeep Grand Cherokee with a cover on the front. It’s a fantastic looking SUV with big wheels, nice body trim, big brakes (Brembo according to the video) and a meaty V8 engine noise.

Interestingly, the videographer also note a roll cage inside the vehicle as he pulls behind it. It is likely that this is purely for the test rig rather than something that would ever hit production. It would take all the seats out from the back if nothing else!

Here is the video:

Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat
So what do we know about the Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat? We know it will use the 6.2-litre V8 Hellcat engine that features in other Hellcat models. We know it is definitely coming because Mike Manley told us so. We also know it will look mean, have big brakes and likely feature unique trim elements just like the one in the video.

What we don’t know is whether it will be called the Hellcat or not. Some commentators think it might be called the Trailhawk as FCA recently trademarked the name. We also don’t know when it will be coming and whether it will have the 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque that the Charger Hellcat has.

Neither do we know how expensive it will be. Although that is less of an issue as those who are going to want one of these are going to be more interested in that engine and less interested with the price.

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