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Jeep confirms more electric models are on the way

Jeep confirms more electric models are on the way

After covering the Jeep Wrangler 4xe last week, I decided to look more into how Jeep was handling a changing auto market. We knew the automaker was planning electric models for some point in the future but not exactly what, when or where. Today we know a little more.

We know that Jeep is planning electric variants of the Wrangler, Renegade and Compass within the next 24 months. We have the Chinese market to thank for that apparently. Increased demand from Asia for electric models has forced Jeep’s hand and made the company accelerate their plans to gradually add hybrids and EVs to their model lineup.

Electric Jeeps

Let’s be honest, Jeep vehicles aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. They offer few compromises to comfort, luxury or safety either. But we love them for it. Jeeps are unashamedly off road specialists and that’s why people buy them in their thousands. So while the thought of an EV Jeep may satisfy that socially responsible part of the brain, it does slightly worry the off road side.

No need to worry though as Jeep’s Christian Meunier said electric Jeeps would be “the best Jeeps ever built.” He said as much in an interview over at Car and Driver during an interview where the EV plan was covered in depth. Meunier should know, he is new global president of the Jeep brand.

He said the move was coming anyway but was being accelerated by the Chinese market. Like the UK, China taxes its vehicles based on engine size. The bigger the engine, the higher the tax. There is no such tax for EVs, so there is a huge appetite for them and that’s why Jeep is moving faster than anticipated towards electric vehicles.

Hybrid first

Over the next few years, Jeep is planning more models like the Wrangler 4xe and will gradually introduce fully electric versions too. "We're bringing as many electric Jeeps as we can. Next year, we will have the [plug-in-hybrid] Renegade, Compass, and Wrangler," said Meunier.

Those models will be following by PHEV or fully electric models of those three as well as hybrid and PHEV versions of all models eventually.

The interview didn’t cover any details about timelines or the full expected range of electric Jeeps. It didn’t touch motors, range, off road ability or any of that good stuff. You can be sure that a lot of work will go into making sure any new Jeep model will be as capable on and off road as the gas powered ones, otherwise they won’t be released. There is way too much at stake for anything less.

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