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Is there a Nissan EV crossover in the works?

Is there a Nissan EV crossover in the works?

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Nissan have already signalled that they may be expanding their Leaf range with a Nismo model. It seems that they may also be planning a crossover variant too. A short teaser video released by the Japanese automaker in advance of the Tokyo Auto Show gives us a hint of what they have up their sleeve.

The video doesn’t actually show much of the vehicle itself, just a few seconds at the very beginning. It is then an exposition on its EV plans and desire to expand to more electric vehicles in more places. There is also mention of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility feature too.
The video is here:

Nissan Intelligent Mobility
Nissan Intelligent Mobility includes electrification, connectivity and autonomy so is in line with what an EV crossover would be about. Nissan have said before that they plan to introduce an electric SUV or crossover to its range and this could be it.
Improvements in the 2018 Nissan Leaf have demonstrated that the automaker listens to feedback and can translate that into action. The design is vastly improved, as has the electric motor and battery setup, almost doubling the effective range of the new Leaf. If this new EV utilizes those technologies, it could be the first truly viable crossover EV that people would want to buy.
As well as this EV crossover concept, we know that Nissan will also be showcasing the Leaf Nismo. The appeal of which remains to be demonstrated but from the teaser images seen already, it does look a very handsome car. How practical a sports EV will be also remains to be seen. Many, including myself, remain sceptical but are happy to be corrected.
The Tokyo Auto Show is Nissan’s home show and it often prioritizes it over other global auto shows. The fact that there is a new concept vehicle is not in doubt as Nissan have said so. The exact nature of that concept has yet to be seen. As the show starts October 25, we only have a couple of days to wait. Then we will see exactly what Nissan has planned for the future!

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