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Is it too soon for 100% EV motoring?

Is it too soon for 100% EV motoring?

The drive towards electric motoring is slowly gathering pace. That’s definitely a good thing. However, some are arguing that pace may be a little too fast.

We’re not sure we agree, but if the news from Stellantis is anything to go by, we may have to be a little more patient if we want to switch completely to electric.

Slow your horses

Thew latest to voice concerns about the pace of change is Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess.

He was interviewed at the recent Financial Times' Future of the Car Summit and said it was far too early to adopt electrification as the only power source for cars.

He said; “Everything will be there for growth, but it takes huge investment and time to achieve. We need the correct plants to be modified or built, the battery production capacity to be available, and to build a secure, sustainable supply chain. The customer needs the correct infrastructure to be put in place to live with the cars.”

The implication here is that even though the public appetite is there for EVs, the infrastructure and manufacturing capability isn’t ready yet.

That’s definitely true if our own observations of charging points, or lack of them, in Ontario are anything to go by.

Stellantis has news on batteries

Then there’s the news from Stellantis, that there may be a global shortage of EV batteries between now and 2025.

The boss of Stellantis Carlos Tavares has predicted a potential shortage of EV batteries as manufacturers increase production while producers are still battling shortages.

Despite many manufacturers setting up new battery plants, the entire supply chain will need to be improved, expanded and harmonized to share resources and be able to deliver sufficient quantity of batteries for future demand.

To be clear, Tavares wasn’t predicting a shortage of batteries.

He is saying that if more automakers build more EVs and convert more of their lineup to EVs, even the rapidly expanding batter production line won’t be able to keep up.

EV or to not EV?

We actually think now and the foreseeable future is a great time to switch to electric. There are still some generous incentives around and new models are emerging all the time.

New designs look amazing and improvements in battery technology means more range for not a lot more money.

While we could always do with more charging points, more are being brought on line all the time.

Plus, if inflation carries on, gas is soon going to become unaffordable!

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