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Is buying a car online safe?

Is buying a car online safe?

Is buying a car online safe? Are there things to look out for with online car sales?

With any new way of working, there is usually an element of fear of the unknown. It’s the same when something as established as buying a new car changes. When it switches the way it has worked for a hundred years, it’s natural to have doubts.

But there’s no need to doubt as buying a car online is perfectly safe if you buy from Car Nation Canada.

Here’s why.

Well-established car dealership

Car Nation Canada has been around for years and plans to be around for many more. We have built a reputation for fairness, offering exceptional customer service, competitive prices and reliable warranties and guarantees.

It’s exactly the same for online car sales. You work with the same great team, benefit from the same low prices, the same competitive car loans and the same peace of mind.

Specific guarantees for online car sales

Buy a car online with Car Nation Canada and you get a 3 day or 250km money back guarantee. It’s a free, no-quibble guarantee that means you can return your car within 3 days or 250km for any reason and get your money back.

We also offer a 5-day exchange program if you take a little longer to decide you don’t like the car you buy.

As long as the car is in your name and is in the same condition it was delivered, we will refund or exchange depending on your needs and the situation.

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you’re not, we will do everything we can to remedy the situation. Guaranteed.

(Online only sales are defined as vehicles purchased 100% online, without having had a test drive prior to purchase, and without having visited the dealership in-person to complete the purchase. This online sales policy applies ONLY to those vehicles purchased sight unseen, completely online.)

Buying online is the new normal

It wasn’t COVID-19 that brought about online car sales. The industry was moving that way long before coronavirus arrived. All the virus did was accelerate it.

We have been developing our online car sales offering for a while. Training our team to handle remote sales, setting up the infrastructure for delivery and contact-free deliveries and getting to grips with offering car loan advice remotely.

From feedback we have had so far, it’s all working nicely. There are still lessons to learn and processes to improve but that’s the same anywhere.

If you’re considering buying a car online, go for it. Work with Car Nation Canada and benefit from the same peace of mind and guarantees you would get from our dealerships. It’s the new way to buy cars!

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