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4 Reasons Why Winter Tires Are Important

4 Reasons Why Winter Tires Are Important

It’s creeping up to winter again. As strange as this year has been, the seasons march on regardless. Days are getting shorter, leaves are falling from the trees and our minds turn inevitably towards winter. That means now is a good time to check your winter tires.


Like having your heating serviced, you are much better off checking your winter tires before you need them rather than at the time.


You beat the rush, there are plenty of tires in stock and you know you’re ready for winter before it arrives.


Plus, Car Nation Canada are offering tire storage and 4 for 3 on winter tires right now!


Why you need winter tires


You don’t need us to tell you things get cold here in winter but not everyone realizes just how important winter tires are for driving safely.


Here are four good reasons you need to use winter tires:


Winter tires are not just for snow


Winter tires aren’t just for helping you in the snow. They are designed to cope with the cold too. Summer or all-weather tires don’t have the suppleness required for cold weather.


Supple tires give better grip so are safer on the road. Summer compounds can stiffen in the cold, reducing grip.


Better traction control


Winter tires help your car’s traction control system by delivering consistent grip in adverse conditions. It’s no use having an advanced system designed to keep you on the road if that system cannot get the purchase on the road to help keep you safe.


The same levels of grip mentioned above are necessary for your traction control system to operate at its full potential.


It’s law in some regions


If you cover distances in winter, you need to know that winter tires are mandatory in some regions. Quebec for example mandates winter tire use by law. Ontario does not currently require the use of winter tires but it is definitely recommended to use them.


If you drive across provinces for work or pleasure, you need to know the tire law for the region you’re visiting. It could save you getting a ticket!


Better AWD


AWD is a popular option for most new cars we sell here at Car Nation Canada and for good reason. However, even the best AWD system in the world depends on having enough grip to work its magic.


If you want to benefit from AWD, your tires need to have sufficient grip for the system to be able to put all power through all wheels. When it comes to winter, only one type of tire will do…


Book your winter tire installation or inspection before the rush. You’ll be so glad you did!

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