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If you like the car, buy it

If you like the car, buy it

We were discussing buying a new car with a customer the
other day. The conversation revolved around research and searching for the best
deal. The upshot was that the customer had spent almost two months contacting
different dealerships, checking online reviews and trying to get the best deal
only to come back to the model he first considered in the dealership closest to
his home.

This got us thinking about how easy it is to tie ourselves
up in knots when buying a new car. It is the one time when choice is not
necessarily a good thing. We get too caught up in getting the best value, the
best reviewed car, the best price, the best interest rate, the best warranty
and the best deal. We often forget about what's important. How the car makes us

Ignore the what if

The question that paralyzed our customer was "what if
the next dealership can offer a better deal?" Our answer to that is that
if we can offer you an attractive deal right here and now, what does it matter?

You could spend another couple of weeks going from dealer to
dealer in the hope of getting a hundred dollars off the sticker price. You
could spend forever doing that only to return to that first dealership and
buying the first car you saw. By doing that you risk missing out on any limited
or special offers we might be running at the time.

Research is essential when buying a new car. There is too
much money at stake just to buy the first car you see. However, research can
also be confusing and lead you down paths you didn't expect. There is a ton of
information out there on the internet and most of it is very useful. But, it
can also fuel indecision.

Buying a car is already an involved process so why make it
more complicated? Select a shortlist of cars, do a bit of research, go and see
them, talk to the sales staff about deals and buy the one you like the most.
That's how car shopping should be.

We're certainly not going to tell you not to research and
not to compare prices. It always pays to try to get the best deal and we would
always encourage our customers to make informed decisions. What we will suggest
is not forgetting what counts, how the car drives and makes you feel. Then give
us a chance to get you a great deal.

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