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Hurricane Stellantis Announced, Not Given up on ICE yet

Hurricane Stellantis Announced, Not Given up on ICE yet

Even though Stellantis has been electrifying its model lineup, it isn’t quite ready to leave ICE behind yet. Certainly not if news of their new Hurricane engine is anything to go by.


Most automakers have slowed, or stopped development of internal combustion engines (ICE).


Aside from improvements in gas mileage or emissions, most mainstream development has ended.


Stellantis obviously didn’t get that memo as they have announced a new twin turbocharged V6 engine called the Hurricane.


Hurricane Stellantis


The automaker made the announcement last week and provided a very brief overview of the new Hurricane Stellantis engine.


Mick Bly, heat of propulsion systems at Stellantis outlined the new engine.


It’s a 6 cylinder, twin turbocharged engine with an aluminium block and pistons and has been designed to use less gas and emit lower emissions than preceding engines.


The company also said the Hurricane will deliver V8 levels of power.


“The Hurricane twin-turbo is a ‘no-compromise’ engine that delivers better fuel economy and an important reduction in greenhouse gasses without asking our customers to give up performance,” said Bly at the presentation.


There will be two versions of the new engine. One tuned for efficiency and low emissions and one tuned for outright power.


The efficient version, called Standard Output will deliver around 400 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque.


The power version, called High Output will delivers 500 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque.


Both will apparently achieve higher levels of efficiency without compromising anything else.


Bly hinted that the Hurricane will start by replacing existing Hemi engines and will then go on to other vehicles.


Exactly what vehicles and when, has yet to be revealed.


Gas and electric


This places Stellantis between the two main automotive camps. They won’t be shifting to pure electric and won’t be remaining steadfastly ICE either.


“As Stellantis aims to become the U.S. leader in electrification, with 50% battery electric sales by 2030, internal combustion engines will play a key role in our portfolio for years to come and we owe it to our customers and the environment to provide the cleanest, most efficient propulsion, possible,” said Bly.


This approach actually makes a lot of sense. The switch from gas to electric isn’t going to be instantaneous and it won’t be quick. Certainly not in the US anyway.


Uptake of EV has been faster in Europe and Canada than in the US, but still has a long way to go.


There’s still a lot of work to do with price parity, range anxiety, charging infrastructure and other concerns before EVs become the default option.


Stellantis is hedging its bets a little by producing a new engine that will meet more stringent emissions standards while the switch to electric continues.


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