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How your car is prepared when you buy your car online

How your car is prepared when you buy your car online

Buying a car online is both the new way to purchase but also a viable precaution against COVID. Regardless of why you’re buying a car on the internet, the process and the car preparation are exactly the same.

Whether you have your car delivered to your home or you collect it from a dealership, the preparation of that car always follows the same process.

Mechanical checks

All new and used cars we sell are prepared for sale before being listed. For new cars, that means a check to make sure everything works and the desired features are included.

For used cars, that means a more thorough inspection of every aspect of the car before we list it for sale. If any repairs are required, we do those along with a service.

All cars you buy online are fully checked and are ready to drive.

Vehicle sterilization

While we’re still in a pandemic, and probably long after, all cars we sell are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized as much as possible before delivery.

We also thoroughly clean the dealership and all areas of our properties to the highest hygiene standards.

When buying online, cars will be sanitized as they are prepared for delivery. That means wiping down all surfaces with antibacterial products, seating and soft furnishings are wiped down and cleaned with appropriate products and even the keys are given a clean to minimize the risks of contamination!

Vehicle delivery

If you opt to have your online purchase delivered, we will prepare the car as above just before loading. The driver will use all recommended hygiene practices and will deliver the car to your home quickly and efficiently.

Delivery can be contactless too. The driver can unload the car, leave the keys in the ignition and step away while you inspect. The paperwork can be processed electronically to keep you safe too.

Vehicle collection

If you choose to collect your vehicle even though you bought online, you can do that too. Cars will be prepared as above so it’s as clean as possible for when you arrive. We can perform all paperwork electronically and keep contact to a minimum.

All checks will be performed quickly and efficiently and with the minimum of contact. Once complete, you can pick up the keys and check the car over. Once you’re happy, you can drive away your new car.

Car Nation Canada has done everything possible to make online car buying easy and to keep you safe. If you have any ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to let a member of staff know. We are always open to improvement!

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