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The Fastest Way to Sell an Electric Car

The Fastest Way to Sell an Electric Car

It’s still relatively early days for electric cars, yet they have been around for over a decade. Early versions didn’t have the longest range and weren’t the prettiest vehicles but they were still zero emission. But what happens when it comes time to sell?


Is there anything you need to do differently to sell an electric car versus a gas powered car?


The challenges of selling an electric car


There are two main challenges when you sell an electric car. Whether you’re selling to a dealership or planning to sell privately, batteries offer a challenge.


One, batteries degrade over time so there’s a real unknown around range and longevity.


Two, some earlier EVs sold the car but leased the batteries as manufacturers wanted to offer alternatives to having to replace the battery bank after a set number of years. The early Nissan Leaf offered battery leasing like this.


Fortunately, the latter situation is relatively rare in Canada, but battery degradation is something many car buyers would be conscious of.


So, while the appetite for electric cars is growing, the hesitancy of buying a used EV is strong because of the unknowns around battery life and longevity.


Now is a good time to sell an EV


Aside from those challenges, now is a very good time to sell an electric vehicle. Demand is high, the emphasis on climate change and making positive changes is still strong and there is an increased acceptance of electric as the way forward.


Also, the ban on selling new fossil fuelled cars focuses the mind on the coming decades with many Canadians thinking to switch now so they aren’t left facing another shortage when people panic buy.


Sales of EVs is up. Demand for EVs is up. The chip shortage is impacting EVs in the same way it’s impacting gas cars.


People still need to get around and if you don’t live in the city, you’re going to need a car.


So, what better time to sell?


Selling your EV to a dealership


We think the electric vehicle market is one segment that definitely benefits from working with a dealership.


There’s a lot of unknowns around EVs, batteries, motors, longevity and maintenance, so dealerships offer reassurance.


Plus, buyers trust a dealership more than private sales when it comes to technology or things they don’t yet understand.


Even though the electric drivetrain is incredibly simple, its execution is incredibly complicated. While they are low maintenance, it’s still an unknown and many buyers would prefer the reassurance of a warranty and expert help.


If your old Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt or Toyota Prius is due for replacement, sell your EV to a dealership. You’ll get a fair price, you’ll work with a professional sales team and we’ll ensure your car gets a new lease of life. Guaranteed!


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