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How to Sell a Car During the Pandemic in Canada

How to Sell a Car During the Pandemic in Canada

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a massive shift in the car industry. There is a chronic shortage of new and used cars available for sale in Canada, if you want to sell a car during the pandemic, there has frankly never been a better time.


While there is a massive demand for used cars, if you are not careful, you could end up getting significantly less than what your car is worth or ripped off!


Coming up with a game plan


The first step is to come up with a game plan, most people just figure they will post an advertisement for their car and the offers will just start to roll in. You need to give some serious thought to how much you would like to get for the used car.


Naturally, we want the maximum amount of money for the car but you need to have a realistic expectation.


Since you are not sure what is the current fair market value of your car, you can look on Kelly Blue Book, Kijiji Autos, and AutoTrader to gain some market insight. Keep in mind that the prices that you see on these websites, could be more than what the market is willing to bear.


Do you have your documents in order?


This is another important thing that first-time used car sellers overlook. Fortunately, you can download the used car sales kit from the government for free.


The kit will explain the process of selling a used car, including what documents you will need to provide the buyer. Some of the documents could include the lien release, this proves there are no active liens registered against the car you are trying to sell.


There are people out there, who try to sell their used car even though, legally they cannot! A lien entitles the lender to ownership of the vehicle should the loan not be repaid.


If you cannot find the lien release that was issued by the lender, give them a call and get a copy. You should hold off all efforts to sell your used car until you get the lien release.


Best places to list your used car for sale


The majority of novice used car sellers will recommend using social media to sell your car during the pandemic. Social media has a plethora of benefits and can help you sell certain things, but you should avoid using social media.


Most of the people who use this platform are not professional car buyers, in fact, they aren’t even looking for a car, they are just browsing around online.


If you want to find motivated buyers that are willing to pay a fair price for your used car, why not head over to your local car dealership or contact them online.


These dealerships are always buying and selling cars, so you know they will give you a fair price. The greatest benefit associated with buying from a local dealership is they can cut the check on the spot, this is great news when you need cash fast and don’t want to deal with tire kickers.


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