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How to save money on gas

How to save money on gas

Have you noticed that every time you fill up your car, it is getting more expensive? Gas prices around Canada have gone up; even though we produce massive amounts of oil, everything is priced in U.S. dollars, and inflation has caused prices to outpace income.

Having a plan is key

Filling up your car whenever the gauge is nearly empty is a dangerous way to do things. You could be forced to buy from a station that is charging a higher-than-average price for gas. If you plan your fill-ups, you can take advantage of gas-saving promotions.

If you are living in the Maritimes, check with the gas buddy website to see where prices are tracking; if the prices are set to increase on Thursday/Friday night, refill your car on Wednesday before.

  • Sign up for loyalty programs that give you an immediate discount per litre spent or cashback. Some gas stations will give you a better price if you pay cash instead of using a credit card.
  • Consider using a premium grade of gasoline. Upfront, you pay more per litre, but the premium gas does not have ethanol, so you are getting better mileage which actually saves you money.

Upgrading to an EV or hybrid

You’ve seen the advertisements for EVs and hybrids but have procrastinated on making the upgrade.

We all love to procrastinate, but if you are serious about saving money on gas, you need to switch out your vehicle to something that is more efficient.

If you are concerned about whether you can afford to buy an EV or hybrid, ask yourself if you can afford to continue paying higher gas prices because they are climbing. Immediate benefits of making the switch to an EV.

  • Say goodbye to oil changes; with an EV, you never have to change oil or any other maintenance that comes with a gas-powered car, ok you need to switch tires and windshield wipers, but that is standard.
  • There is a growing number of level charging stations throughout North America, plus you can install level 1 and 2 charging at home.
  • You can get rebates from the provincial and federal government; this will help offset the upfront costs of the vehicle.

Financing your new car purchase tips

Thanks for sticking it out with us in your quest to save money on gas.

To secure the best financing for your newer, more energy-efficient vehicle, you must seek out the help of your local car dealership.

You may have read reports of people buying cars online without setting foot on the dealership floor, it sounds convenient, but the reality is that those buyers didn’t get the best terms.

When you work with a local dealership, they have the negotiating prowess to get you a fantastic deal. Even if you are having financial problems or your credit score is low, the dealership can get you approved where other lenders have said “no.”

There is no escaping; we need to drive in order to live in Canada, so head over to your dealership today and let them do all of the heavy lifting.

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