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How to get the most trade-in value for your old car

How to get the most trade-in value for your old car

You may remember last week we discussed how a dealership comes up with a trade-in value for your car when buying a new one. This week we thought it might be useful to let you in on five tips for getting the most trade-in value for your old car.

If you’re planning a car loan or new purchase, getting a little more for your current car can seriously help. Here’s how.

Keep the car maintained

A car with a service history gives a dealer confidence in the care given to it. It can also means lower costs to prepare the car for resale and less chance of component failure due to wear.

Keep up with servicing and make sure to have all those little service boxes in your manual stamped. It can make a significant different to the offer you receive.

Give the car a good clean

A clean car also inspires confidence. You don’t have to go for a full concourse valet but giving the car a through clean inside and out is well worth the effort. Don’t forget the trunk and under the hood either. Make sure alloy wheels are clean too!

You don’t have to polish, just give the impression the car has been looked after and cared for.

Make essential repairs

While minor repairs may seem like a waste of money, spending a few dollars and an hour of your time on these repairs can make you much more during trade-in. Small things like turn signal bulbs, windshield wipers, tires, engine hoses, interior trim or missing badges can all make a difference.

They are something else the dealer has to take care of and another indicator that the car has been properly cared for during its life.

Check for recalls

Automakers recall vehicles all the time to make fixes, repair known issues or something else. While a dealer can easily handle these, if you can take care of these yourself, all the better, as it’s one less thing for the dealer to handle. Most recalls are free and can be done by any authorized dealership.

It’s a small thing that can make a big difference to your trade-in value.

Tackle minor dents or scratches

Bodywork is complicated and time consuming so a car that doesn’t require any remedial work will be more valuable than one that does. Most minor scratches can be polished out with a careful hand. More serious scratches or dents may need a professional.

Take your car to a workshop or use a travelling body specialist. It will cost money but could be a worthwhile investment if you want to get maximum value from your old car.

Take care of those five things and you could maximize your trade-in value. As long as you use a respectable dealership like Car Nation Canada, there is no reason why you cannot drive away with your dream car!

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