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How to Defrost a Windshield With Ease

How to Defrost a Windshield With Ease

The various methods of defrosting windshields are a surprisingly popular topic of discussion in winter. We hear it at work, we hear it in the street and even in the bar.


So, which is the fastest, safest way to defrost a windshield that won’t damage it?


Your options are:


  • Run your car for a while and let the heater defrost it
  • Use a heated windshield if your car has one
  • Park the car in the garage overnight to prevent it happening
  • Cover the windshield with a blanket to prevent icing
  • Use hot water
  • Use an ice scraper
  • Use de-icer


It stands to reason that if you have a garage, preventing your car icing up in the first place is the easiest way to drive away quickly when it’s cold outside. You can also get into your car without getting too cold or wet and avoid having to clear snow off the rest of the car before you leave.


Not everyone has the luxury of a garage so we may have to look for other methods.


Not many cars have heated windshields and not many people want to cover their windshield in a blanket overnight.


Using hot water is a recipe for disaster!


An ice scraper could take forever and can scratch the glass if you’re not careful.


The answer is, use a de-icer.


Use a de-icer to safely and quickly defrost your windshield


Windshield de-icer comes in a spray can. You can buy it at gas stations, hardware stores, automotive stores and even some grocery stores in winter.


  1. Spray the de-icer over your windshield and make sure the areas you need to clear get some spray. Spray sparingly as it can be powerful stuff!
  2. Give it a few seconds to work.
  3. Use a soft scraper or soft brush to wipe away loose debris.
  4. Use a plastic scraper to clear more stubborn ice.
  5. Use the rubber side of the scraper for a final clear.


If your scraper doesn’t have a rubber side on the reverse, use a window squeegee to clear it. Any final smaller bits of ice can be cleared with your wipers.


Make your own de-icer


If you don’t like the idea of chemical de-icer, you can make your own. Use two parts 70% isopropyl alcohol with one part water and put it in a spray bottle.




Add water to a spray bottle and add a few teaspoons of table salt. Mix and spray. Just make sure to give the bottle a swirl before every use.


How do you clean your windshield when it freezes over? Got any other methods that work?

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