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How to buy a car during a pandemic

How to buy a car during a pandemic

Until COVID struck, buying a car online was all about convenience. About not having to visit a dealership and avoiding a lot of the time-consuming administration involved with buying a car. Now, online auto sales are the best way to still get your new car while staying safe.

Canada has fared better than many countries during the pandemic but we aren’t unaffected. With over 500,000 cases recorded so far, we still have to be careful.

Which is where online car sales come in.

What better way to maintain social distance than staying at home on the sofa?

Online auto sales

Online auto sales have been around for years. You have been able to order a new car over the internet and have it delivered to the dealership or to your home ready for collection for a while now.

That experience has been improved in a big way.

You now have access to a wider range of cars and can have fully distanced delivery to your home.

Car Nation Canada has placed its entire stock of new and certified used cars online. You can browse, request a video walk round, discuss the car, your options and even arrange a car loan using phone, web chat or email.

All paperwork can be sent via email or post and we can perform every aspect of the purchase remotely.

Thanks to a comprehensive training regimen undertaken by our team, you can still access the same high level of customer service remotely too!

Contactless delivery

Deliveries can be contactless if you like. You can still have your car delivered to the dealership ready for collection or have it delivered to your home. All deliveries will be contactless and any dealership collections will be prepared ready and handed over using social distancing.

Should you not be completely happy with your purchase, you have the option to refund or exchange.

Car Nation Canada offers a 3-day, 250 km money back guarantee, as well as a 5-day exchange program. We want you to be completely happy with your new car and will do everything in our power to ensure your complete satisfaction.

It’s a shame that it took a pandemic to force the auto industry to raise its game, but here we are. As usual, we were ahead of the curve and were preparing our online sales process before COVID hit.

If you want or need a new car and don’t want to visit a dealership, online auto sales are where it’s at. Research, read reviews and contact our team and we’ll take care of the rest!

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