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How to avoid the perils of buying a used car

How to avoid the perils of buying a used car


For some,
the prospect of buying a used car through the internet, newspaper or other
advertising medium is exciting. For many, it's a prospect full of the unknown
and no little fear.

Buying a
car really shouldn't be a negative experience so Car Nation Canada is going to
help. We will highlight the major risk factors in buying a used car privately
so you know what to look for. We're also going to tell you how to get fantastic
prices on certified used cars so you can avoid the pitfalls completely.

let's check out those pitfalls. Here are three common tricks used by some
nefarious characters to part you from your money.


Clocking is
a form of odometer fraud where a car's true mileage is obscured by changing the
odometer in the car. Both analog and digital odometers can be changed to show a
much lower mileage than is true.

Showing a
lower mileage significantly increases the value of the car. A sedan that has
clocked 300,000 miles is going to be far less valuable than one that has only
done 60,000. Wear and tear will also be far higher, which is why it is such a problem.

Car cloning

Car cloning
is very popular in the U.S. but it happens here too. Cloning is where the
license plate and identification numbers of a car are replaced with another
existing car. Cloning is primarily performed to disguise the fact the car has
been stolen or written off. Neither is good news for the new owner!

If you buy
a cloned car, you could lose the car and the money you paid for it.

Cut and shut

cut and shut isn't too prevalent in Canada but its still something to watch
out for. A cut and shut is where two cars are welded together to make a whole
one. Techniques are so good that it takes a mechanic or vehicle expert to tell
if a car is a cut and shut.

If two cars
are written off, one front, one back, they can be cut in half with the good
parts of both combined to make a good car. These aren't safe and are completely illegal.

Avoiding the pitfalls of
buying a used car

There is one
simple way to avoid
the pitfalls of buying a used car. Of enjoying
the used car buying experience and not having to be so vigilant or on your
guard. Buy your used car from Car Nation Canada. Visit one of our dealerships
or our new used car superstore in Oakville.

It's the
simplest, easiest way to get a great deal on a used car. All vehicles are
safety checked, serviced and certified. Save yourself the trouble and visit the
Oakville Used Car Superstore today!

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