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Guide to selling used cars in Canada

Guide to selling used cars in Canada

We have put together a guide that will help you sell a used car no matter where in Canada you live. The used car market is experiencing unprecedented demand, it seems like everyone is willing to pay top dollar to buy a used car.

While this demand is great for sellers, it has also lured in scammers that are trying to rip people like you off!

Determining the current fair market value of your used car

The first step before you can sell your car is determine what it is worth. Pricing varies from province to province and also which city you are living in.

If you are living in a rural part of Canada, then having a vehicle with four-wheel-drive is more appealing than a smaller car that is easy to zip through narrow streets like those found in Quebec City.

You also need to think about the pool of qualified buyers in your targeted area. If you are living in a rural area, it can be difficult finding buyers that are willing and able to pay a premium for your used car.

If you are thinking about selling your car online to reach more prospective buyer, it is a great idea in theory. The reality is that to be truly effective selling cars online, you will need substantial advertising resources and a team of people that know which platforms to list your car on.

Most first time used car sellers just put a listing on social media or AutoTrader and hope for the best. AutoTrader is a legitimate platform to advertise used cars, but you are going to have a tough time getting attention when the professional sellers are paying a premium to have their advertisements prominently displayed.

When you advertise on social media, the pool of qualified buyers is small even though the sheer number of people on social media is massive!

The buyers you do find on social media are not really interested. They use social media for chatting and playing games so buying is an afterthought. The people who do contact you will ask a lot of questions but have no real desire to make a serious offer. What the buyers usually do is come in with a lowball offer hoping you are desperate.

A rookie mistake is trying to haggle with these buyers about why your car is worth more, it would be more fruitful talking to the wall.

Best way to sell your used car for quick cash

While selling your car seems like fun and it can be, the hassles are frankly not worth your time. You can sidestep the challenges of selling a used car by going to a local car dealership.

The dealership will give you an appraisal of what your car is worth, if you want the cash, you can take it or trade the car for a new one.

In either scenario, you are going to get a great offer and peace of mind knowing you sold your car without being ripped off by scammers.

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