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Goodyear reCharge tires could answer the environmental question

Goodyear reCharge tires could answer the environmental question

Tires are an essential ingredient of any vehicle but also a source of significant waste. While we have developed ways to recycle and reuse old tires, it would be better if we didn’t waste them at all. Goodyear reCharge tires may have the answer to that.

Goodyear reCharge tires are a concept right now but could become a reality once they have proven their worth.


The tire concept has a central rigid frame to support the vehicle weight and help the tire maintain its shape and integrity. That frame will not become punctured, will not degrade and will not suffer the same fate as most car tires.

On the outside is a tread made from 100% biodegradable rubber. When the tread wears, you will be able to add customizable capsules to the tire that will help the tread regenerate. The rubber compound is reinforced with spider silk, one of the strongest materials known to man.

From what we can see, the capsule sits inside the rigid tire frame and will extrude through small holes as the tire rotates. Those capsules would be available in different colours and compounds so the driver could control exactly how their tires performed.

Presumably there would be a soft compound, a harder compound and perhaps winter and summer compounds depending on demand. As you drive, the capsule releases the compound which would be spread over the tire to replace worn tread.

Here’s a video explainer:

As you can see, Goodyear don’t go into the capsules or compound or give many details. This is just a concept right now but it does have potential.

Tire technology has moved on a lot since those early days of solid rubber but still lags way behind the rest of automotive technology.

While we are switching from internal combustion to electric, have cars that talk to each other and will eventually drive themselves, we are still travelling around on rubber rings. They do say that if something is so good why change it, but tires are not perfect.

I do think Goodyear may be onto a good thing. As long as this is a genuine concept and not just a green PR stunt to greenwash what is a not very environmentally friendly industry. Only time will tell on that one!

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