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Get your car ready for the Canadian winter

Get your car ready for the Canadian winter


Winter preparation is all part of car ownership in Canada.
We all know that spending a couple of hours checking your car and getting it
ready for winter can save many more hours waiting in the cold for a tow truck.
With that in mind, we are once more suggesting winter car checks for all
drivers. Yes it is that time of year again, or soon will be, so set
aside some time to give your car the attention it deserves. Or, book it into
your nearest Car Nation Canada dealership and we'll handle it for you.

Winter car checks

Giving your car a once over should be part of your usual
routine but it is more important than usual when preparing for winter.
Depending on how far north you live, it gets very cold very quickly and the
last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. So do these
quick checks to make sure your car is set for winter.

Have the battery checked for leaks and charge, check your
heaters, windshield wipers, defroster, heated screens and mirrors, fluid levels
and all engine pipes for damage. Check brakes too, including brake pad depth.

Depending how cold your area gets, also consider shifting to
winter oil specifically for colder climates when the temperatures begin

Winter tires

Winter tires are an essential part of Canadian life and a
subject we talk about every year around this time. Four seasons tires are fine
for other countries, but here, we need the right tire for the right

Check the tread and tire pressures of your winter tires
before putting them on. Then check tire pressures once a week once installed to
ensure they are running at optimal.

It isn't yet time to put winter tires on the car but at
least you'll know they are ready and they are safe to use. It's better to do it
now while you have the luxury of time than having to wait in a queue of other
drivers who left their checks until the last minute!

As well as checks, some practical tips such as always
keeping half a tank of gas in the car for emergencies and to stop fuel lines
freezing are useful. Get your winter kit out of the garage and make sure the
ice scraper, snowbrush, flashlight, spare batteries and bottled water are all
present and correct. A go bag with spare clothes is also useful if you do a lot
of miles or drive in low population areas.

If you would like to have your vehicle serviced before
winter to make absolutely sure it's ready, contact your nearest Car Nation
Canada location. We're here to help!

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