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Tips to get Rid of your Car Quickly and Easily!

Tips to get Rid of your Car Quickly and Easily!

You’ve probably seen online, there is a shortage of used cars available. If you're looking to get rid of your car, these tips are going to help make the overall experience a more positive one.


Being in the right location


Where you live in Canada will impact what options are available to you when you want to get rid of your car. You could go the online path and try selling with Copart or on eBay.


Selling via an auction website can be effective, but there are some inherent risks. When selling on eBay for example, the buyer can receive the car and then claim there are issues with the vehicle and get their money back. The auction sites and payment processors tend to automatically rule in favor of the buyer so you will need to have documentation to prove the car was as advertised.


Not only does the buyer have your car, but they also have the money and you will need to go to court to get your car back. You may think that this would never happen to you and maybe it would not but why take the risk?


Aside from the risks of getting ripped off on the auction website, the listing fees can eat into your profit margin. Unless you are in the business of buying and selling cars all of the time, you should not use an auction site.


Using social media


Social media is great to chat with friends, laugh at some memes but you should not use it to sell your car. While it is great selling low-value/low-priced items, you are not going to find sophisticated car buyers that are willing to pay top dollar.


If you asked the people who have tried selling their car on social media, the consensus would be that most prospective buyers are just there to waste time.


Benefits of dealing locally


This depends on where you live, but if you are located in an area where there are car dealerships, you should reach out to them.


The dealership will have a genuine interest in buying your car and reselling it to someone else. You will need to modify your expectations, the dealership wants to buy the car and resell it so they cannot pay you the full market price for the vehicle.


What the dealership can do, is pay you on the spot if you accept their offer which will be competitive.


Another benefit of dealing with a local dealership is you have the option of trading in the used car and applying those proceeds against the purchase of a new car.


With this approach, you will be able to get the maximum amount of value from your current car and get a new car at a great price.


The dealership can help you with getting the financing in place, coupled with the trade-in value of your car you should be able to get yourself something very nice.


If you follow the tips we have presented, you will have no challenges selling your used car and making the most of this opportunity.


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