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Geneva Motor Show cancelled due to Covid-19

Geneva Motor Show cancelled due to Covid-19

News broke late last week that the Geneva Motor Show  was being cancelled due to Covid-19, or Coronavirus. The Swiss government has banned all large scale events until the virus has been brought under control and the motor show has been caught up in the ban. That’s a real shame as we won’t get to see the new Kia Sorento or Mazda MX-30.

I’m sure the automakers will plan another event to unveil their crossovers but I was looking forward to seeing them and the three new Hyundais that were planned for the show.

The Swiss ban includes any event that will have more than 1,000 participants and is in place until March. Officials prepared a release citing concerns over the virus and provisions on the ominously named ‘Epidemics Act’.

'In view of the current situation and the spread of the coronavirus, the Federal Council has categorised the situation in Switzerland as ‘special’ in terms of the Epidemics Act.'

Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the primary shows of the year and is a showcase for Europe. As well as the Kia Sorento, the show was to show the new Aston Martin DBX, the hand-made Bentley Milliner Bacalar, the new Ferrari Roma, new Honda Civic, Hyundai i20, Hyundai Prophecy, Mazda MX-30, Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, new Volkswagen Golf GTI and a bunch of other new or refreshed vehicles.

The show was to be held from this week, 5 to 15 March at the Palexpo Arena but the show has been called off. There are no plans yet to reschedule it as the virus situation is still evolving.

The end of the auto show?

The Geneva Motor Show was one of many auto shows with a big question mark over it. This cancellation could be the final nail in its coffin. Or it could be the wakeup call the public and the industry needs to show us that auto shows are a necessary part of the industry.

Yes they are wasteful and ostentatious. Yes they are a little stuck in the past with how they are portrayed. But auto shows are places for car lovers run by car lovers and it would be a shame to do away with them altogether.

This is a period of huge change for our industry. The rise of the EV, the shrinking of the V8 market, the increase in technology and autonomy. If you don’t have auto shows to tell you what’s going on and give you the time and information around emerging technologies, how else are you going to learn what’s going on? How else will I learn what’s coming so I can let you know what’s going on?

It’s a shame Geneva has been cancelled but I can see the logic. I only hope that this is just a temporary cessation and that the motor show will be back next year. I for one think auto shows in general should have a bright future.

I’m sure we will get to see the new Kia and Mazda soon too.

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