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Ford to offer more data monitoring for city and fleet managers

Ford to offer more data monitoring for city and fleet managers

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Ford have announced they will be offering better data monitoring for vehicle fleets with their Ford's Transportation Mobility Cloud. The automaker has teamed up with Autonomic to build an open cloud platform that cities can use to improve traffic and transportation and fleet managers can use to manage vehicles and drivers.

The partnerships will offer such innovations as connected intelligent traffic lighting, parking spot identification, public transport vehicle tracking and a host of other city transport elements.

As a by-product of the Ford Transportation Mobility Cloud, fleet managers will get more control over their vehicles too. Ford already offers a built-in modem in vehicles that can monitor location, fuel, vehicle condition and driver behaviour. The new system will add more fuel use data, emissions data, vehicle health and much more about driver behaviour including seatbelt use. It will enable fleet managers compile a lot of data about their vehicles and manage every aspect of their use.

Transportation Mobility Cloud
Ford's Transportation Mobility Cloud is a huge project. It aims to provide a complete open platform for city planners and managers to run every aspect of traffic and transport. It can help with route planning and offer active diversions in heavy traffic,  handle identity and payment management for tickets and tolls, vehicle to vehicle communication and the support for autonomous vehicles.

While Ford and Autonomic are the driving forces behind the project, the platform is going to be open. Ford actively invites other automakers and interested parties to interact with them and offer apps or additions to the platform. There is nothing wrong with Ford’s ambition, as their blog post laying out their vision states.

Fleet management
Ford says the system can be retrofitted to modem-equipped vehicles or even older ones back to 2012 models with a plugin box. While many aspects of the Transportation Mobility Cloud have yet to appear, the fleet management aspects are already here.

Managers can access location, fuel, vehicle condition, driver behaviour, fuel use data, emissions data, vehicle health and a lot more.

‘Business owners and operators want to serve their customers, not spend excessive time managing their fleets,’ says Ford Commercial Solutions CEO Lee Jelenic. ‘Our goal is to unlock the data from their vehicles to provide them with more effective ways to manage their fleets and improve operations. Our new products are tailored to serve fleets of all types, whether they're run by law enforcement, composed predominantly of Ford vehicles, or are large multi-make fleets that want more insight from their Ford vehicles.’

To see what the Transportation Mobility Cloud can do for your fleet, talk to the guys at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2. They will be happy to help!

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