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Ford testing autonomous cars in Miami

Ford testing autonomous cars in Miami

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If your pizza delivery experiences are anything like mine, you may be relieved to know that we could soon see the end of erratically driven small cars parking in flower beds, across driveways or blocking side streets while delivering pizzas. Ford are going to be working with Domino’s to deliver pizza in Miami.

The service is currently being trialled in Miami and Miami Beach. When ordering, customers are given the option to have their pizza delivered by a self-driving car. The customer receives an SMS when the car is near and provided with a one-time code to open the Heatwave Compartment once the car arrives.

The storage compartment is loaded at the store and heated to keep the pizza warm. The code is sent via SMS to the customer who enters it into a keypad by the compartment. The door opens, you get your pizza, you close the door and the car goes on its way.

The advantage of the system is that pizzas are delivered quickly and efficiently and you don’t see the carnage the average pizza delivery guy makes as they travel their route. The downside is that you don’t get doorstep delivery. You have to go out to the street and get your own.

Currently, customer selection is random and optional but Ford and Domino’s are looking to expand the system once it has been widely accepted.

That isn’t all for Miami. Ford are also planning to work with Postmates in the US to provide autonomous cars for delivery. That service is apparently starting at the end of March or beginning of May and will also involve self-driving cars delivering products. This time there will be a human sitting in the car to make sure everything goes according to plan.

This kind of home delivery service is the ideal proving ground to show the world that autonomous cars are not the enemy. However, students and college leavers across the country will be reading this news with dismay as another way of earning money while studying is being taken away.

Both services will use a Ford Fusion Hybrid for these services. A frugal, reliable car that works well in the city and is both small enough and large enough for small home deliveries. No doubt this kind of service will be rolled out to other American cities and then in Canada over the next decade or so once the system has proven itself reliable.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a solid, reliable car with green credentials. Visit Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2 to see it for yourself.

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