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Ford Super Duty now makes towing easier than ever

Ford Super Duty now makes towing easier than ever

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Spend any time on the road and you will quickly realise that not everyone is comfortable manoeuvring a trailer. Whether it’s getting it round a tight corner, squeezing through tight spaces or reversing it into place, we have all been stuck behind a truck at some point while it was manoeuvring. Ford has been listening. Which is why they are introducing Trailer Reverse Guidance for the Ford Super Duty.

Most Ford Super Duty owners tow things, it’s one of the major selling points of the truck. The F-250 is rated to 16,600 pounds with the diesel motor and a gooseneck, so there is every reason to buy this truck if you need it to work. The F-350 and F-450 are rated higher than that too, up to 31,000 pounds for the F-450.

Trailer Reverse Guidance
Trailer Reverse Guidance uses three cameras and a touchscreen display to make life easier for those who tow trailers. It shows a clear view of the trailer and even adds helpful graphics to show drivers which way to turn in order to get it into position or avoid jack-knifing.

An optional camera can sit atop the stop light at the top of the cab to offer a high view in order to help hitching. Another can be installed in the tailgate and another mobile one can be affixed anywhere the driver needs in order to have a complete view of what’s going on. That last camera will likely be used on the trailer itself to offer a full rear view.

We saw a similar system introduced to the F-150 last year to help recreational owners tow occasional loads. That system even had the option to steer the truck too. The Ford Super Duty doesn’t have that option, but these cameras should make life easier for everyone.

2016 F-250 Ford Super Duty
The 2016 F-250 Ford Super Duty is one of the most popular and capable work trucks on the road. You cannot drive far in any built up area before you see at least a couple of them, because they are that good.

It’s a big truck with a big profile. Slab-sided, no-nonsense, reliable and robust. It hasn’t had the kind of redesign the F-150 has enjoyed but it hasn’t needed it. With a decent cabin, a good-sized load bed, optional gooseneck and that towing capability, it doesn’t need fancy panels or big alloys to achieve what it needs to achieve.

Under the hood is either a 6.2-litre gasoline V8 that generates 385 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque or a 6.7-litre diesel V8 that delivers 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of torque. Both are very capable engines that have proven themselves reliable over millions of miles.

The 2016 F-250 Ford Super Duty is a solid truck that won’t let you down. Test drive a new or used one today at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.

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