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The Ford Model E and Ford Blue Plan. Will it Work?

The Ford Model E and Ford Blue Plan. Will it Work?

According to a series of leaks over the past couple of months, and a statement from Ford a week or so ago, the Blue Oval is being cut in half.


Half of the company will continue making and developing gas-powered cars while the other half will concentrate on pure electric. This will be Ford Model E and ford Blue!


Both sides will still be under the Ford umbrella, but will be run separately. Ford Blue will concentrate on standard engines while Ford Model E will be pure electric.


Ford Blue


Ford Blue will apparently stick to what Ford does best, delivering vehicles we see on the roads all the time. Traditional gas-powered engines, with the odd diesel model here and there.


The intent is to allow this part of the business to concentrate fully on ICE and make the most of the last days of fossil fuels.


Ford Model E


Ford Model E will concentrate on electric vehicles. The intent is to allow it to concentrate purely on EVs, batteries and other clean options like Tesla and other pure EV companies do.


This part of the company will push development of the current lineup of EVs as well as develop new ones.


Ford Blue Model E


So far, the reaction has been mixed. Some analysts have said that it will be harder to recruit, as employees will find it more difficult to learn both types of manufacture.


They also said it might be harder to employ expertise for the ICE side of the business as it has limited life and no real huge development potential.


While this may be true, there’s still a decade or two left in ICE yet, no matter what the rest of the world is doing.


An interesting point being brought up by some is that Ford Blue will be making all the money while Ford Model E will be spending it.


That could be hard for some to swallow.


Imagine working all shift to deliver quality cars only to see all the R&D and development money going to a completely different part of the company.


While this happens anyway, it’s less obvious. This division makes it much more apparent who is subsidizing whom.


The dealer model


Apparently, part of the drive for the move is to get reticent dealers on board with electric.


Many dealerships in the US are slow to stock EV models as they make less profit from them. They are also worried that EVs require less maintenance and servicing, also hitting profit.


While those things are likely true, zero emission motoring is happening and it is the way the market is going.


Now is the time to get aboard and make money while the EV market is surging, not fight the inevitable.


We hope the Ford Model E and Ford Blue plan works out. Ford Model E is the future but needs Ford Blue to keep it afloat.


Ford Blue can also benefit from developments in autonomous technology, efficiency, safety tech and other features developed by Ford Model E.


In theory at least, it would work out. Let’s see what happens in practice!


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