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Ford Puma ST spied without camouflage

Ford Puma ST spied without camouflage

There seems to be a lot of Ford news around right now. Another piece of news that seems too good to pass by is a good look at the upcoming Ford Puma ST. It was spied without camouflage for the first time and is available to see in all its glory.

The Ford Puma is a revived nameplate of a 1990s three door hatchback from Europe. The original Puma had unusually canted front wheels that allowed it to corner very quickly indeed. I was lucky enough to drive one of the original cars and have to admit I ran out of courage before the Puma ran out of grip on a bend!

This new Ford Puma is something entirely different.

Ford Puma ST

The new Ford Puma is a crossover. It supposedly shares a drivetrain and some underpinnings from the ever-popular Ford Fiesta. Even this ST model is said to use the engine and transmission from the Fiesta ST. A turbocharged 1.5-litre three cylinder that generates 198 hp and 214 lb-ft of torque. A six speed manual or automatic will send power to the front wheels.

This is speculation as far as I can tell as Ford has yet to confirm anything.

We don’t know whether the Puma will have the same driving dynamics of the Fiesta or not. It looks bigger and will be heavier but the chassis balance and tight responsiveness could translate well in this small crossover. I don’t image it will have anything like the agility of the hot hatch though it will likely be more comfortable for rear passengers.

Images of the ST Puma and regular Puma seem to show the ST sitting lower with larger wheels. This would match the Fiesta. The Fiesta ST also has bigger brakes which you could expect with the Puma. Both vehicles have twin tailpipes even though it’s only a three cylinder engine.

The Puma shares a similar grille to the Fiesta but looks entirely different. Those bug-eyed headlights are something new while the small hood flows into a steeply raked windshield and over a flowing roof to a Fiesta-like rooftip spoiler and modest rear with hatch.

We didn’t get to see inside so the exact cabin setup is still largely a mystery. It isn’t unreasonable to think the Puma will mimic the Fiesta here too with a simple but very effective driving position, touchscreen in the centre stack, supportive front seats and decent rear seats.

Ford has said the Ford Puma ST will be released in Europe but have confirmed nothing about if or when Canada will get to see it. I hope we do as it looks a characterful little car with the uniqueness of the Nissan Juke, just with a more mainstream design. If it handles anywhere near as well as the Fiesta, it really will be a winner.

Learn more about the Puma or Fiesta at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.

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