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Ford planning new electric vehicle with 200 mile range

Ford planning new electric vehicle with 200 mile range

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With news that the Tesla Model 3 has sold more units than anyone thought possible, automakers are finally seeing the appetite many buyers have for electric cars. Ford obviously want a piece of that pie as they announce they are working on an electric vehicle with a 200 mile range.

Done right, designed well and put together with lots of practical considerations, an electric car is a viable option for many who live in urban areas. It doesn’t need special infrastructure like hydrogen, it can charge overnight on 110V or faster with a 240V charging station and more cities are setting spaces aside for charging in public too. With Quebec ensuring all new houses are built with a 240V outlet included, the move towards electric vehicles is gaining momentum.

“We want to make sure that we’re either among the leaders or in a leadership position,” Ford CEO Mark Fields said on a conference call last week. “When you look at some of the competitors and what they’ve announced, clearly that’s something we’re developing for.”

Follower into leader
We know that Ford bought a Tesla Model X and paid $200,000 USD for it. We also know Ford looked at the 400,000 orders the Tesla Model 3 got in the first week and wanted a piece of that action. What we don’t know is exactly what the automaker is going to deliver. Ford has said it is investing $4.5 billion in electrified vehicles and will add 13 electric cars and hybrids to its lineup by 2020, so it’s anybody’s guess where this car fits into that.

Analysts think Ford’s answer will be called the ‘Model E’ and will need to be ready for production in 2019. It will likely be built at their new manufacturing plant in Mexico. It is also likely that any new vehicle will follow the format of current Ford vehicles by offering a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and an electric variant.

The challenge will not be designing the vehicle itself has Ford’s design team are at the top of their game right now. The challenge will be getting that 200 mile range and storing energy efficiently without overloading the vehicle with the bulk of big batteries. Some recent advances in battery power may help but we shall have to see.

In the meantime, Ford also announced the Ford Focus Electric will be getting a range boost from 76 miles up to 100. That’s almost a 25% increase. With fast charging also on the way, the future is looking good for electric vehicles.

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