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Ford patents triple clutch system for all wheel drive vehicles

Ford patents triple clutch system for all wheel drive vehicles

Most of us have heard of double clutch systems like DSG on Volkswagens or on exotics, but Ford wants to bring the multiple clutch to everyone.

That’s why they have patented a new all wheel drive system with three clutches.

The system would use one clutch to decouple one axle from the driveshaft while using the other two to control power to the half shafts on the other axle.

The system looks quite complicated but could smooth out drive when maneuvering, especially off road.

Ford 3x clutch

Commentators are speculating that this new three clutch system could be utilized as another form of torque-vectoring, where power can be directed to individual drive wheels depending on wheel angle and grip to aid cornering.

While Ford hasn’t confirmed that, it could be another reason for the patent.

Many front wheel drive cars use torque vectoring to help balance power and steering. As there’s a lot happening at the front wheels, these systems ensures the front wheels can effectively deliver power while steering at the same time.

Most torque vectoring uses braking rather than clutch power delivery, but in theory, this new system could work.

Of course, a patent doesn’t mean the system would work in reality or that it would ever hit production. It is often used to protect ideas and prevent other automakers using the idea for themselves.

This system could also work alongside another Ford patent for a type of drift mode.

Ford Drift Mode

Not that long ago, Ford filed another patent for a different version of drift mode. One that could be used for electric cars.

This system uses a complicated setup of friction brakes and drive decoupling to work.

It first decouples the drive wheels and then activated friction brakes to lock up and start the drift. A series of sensors would then be used to calculate wheel speed and deliver power to the wheels to help keep the drift going.

It’s a world away from a simple cable handbrake but is thought to be effective on electric vehicles as well as gas powered ones.

As Ford is known to like a little fun with its cars, this application isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Time will tell whether these two patents ever make it off paper and into production!

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