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Ford partners with Amazon for in-car deliveries

Ford partners with Amazon for in-car deliveries

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How many times have you come home to a parcel on your doorstep? Or been notified of a delivery only to find it soaked by rain or not there at all? Many times I’m sure, I know I have. Amazon think they have a way around that by allowing delivery drivers to put the parcel in your car. Ford want in on that action too.

Not the most elegant solution to this problem sure, but it is a solution.
Ford and Lincoln think it’s a good idea and have partnered with Amazon to enable this service in some of their vehicles. Owners who want to participate will need a Ford or Lincoln manufactured after 2017 and either a FordPass or the Lincoln Way app and be an Amazon Prime member.
Amazon Key
FordPass and Lincoln Way are compatible with the Amazon Key which has enabled other automakers to buy into the system. Through this system, deliveries can be placed in your car and locked afterwards to keep them safe.
The delivery is booked, your driver pulls up and uses their Amazon Key which is linked to FordPass or Lincoln Way to unlock your car. They place the package in the trunk or somewhere safe and lock up afterwards. The delivery driver can only unlock the car and only for that single delivery. No further access is permitted.
There are a couple of conditions though. Cars need to be accessible and parked on street level. If you have underground parking or elevated parking, Amazon won’t deliver to it. Parcels need to weigh less than 50lbs and measure less than 26 x 21 x 16 inches. 
For now, this service is running in the US only. Amazon plans to roll this out to Canada at a later date so for now, we get to see how it works and let Ford and amazon iron out any problems before we get to use it.
I’m not sure how I feel about letting a delivery driver have access to my car. I’m sure the drivers are honest and are more interested in getting to the next drop than snooping in my glovebox, but even so. I don’t like my wife using my car when I’m not there so I certainly don’t want someone I don’t even know there.
Amazon offer all sorts of guarantees for the safety and security of your vehicle and I’m sure the system is safe. It’s just the thought of some random accessing it when I’m not there I’ll have to get over.
To check out compatible cars so you’re ready for this service when it comes to Canada, visit Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.

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