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Ford offering free driver’s school to Focus RS owners

Ford offering free driver’s school to Focus RS owners

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If you buy a new Focus RS, Ford are throwing in the option to have a day’s driver training at the RS Adrenaline Academy. Presumably to teach you how to properly handle all that power rather than to help you perfect a burnout at the lights!

The RS Adrenaline Academy is based at the Ford Performance Racing School in Utah. It uses a 4.5 mile circuit which is apparently the longest in North America, with 23 corners and tunable configurations depend on the needs. Sounds like the perfect spot to have a little fun with something as awesome as the RS.

The one day course begins, as usual, with some classroom work. Then drivers will get in some track time with an instructor, presumably in a Focus RS. The usual range of skills will be covered, cornering, acceleration, shifting, fine control and the like. There is also a specific session to show you the RS’s specific drive settings which includes Drift Mode.

Those attending the course also have the option to pay for a second day of tuition that will include more training and lots of track time in a Ford Mustang GT. While the training is free, attendees will need to find their own way to Utah and presumably pay for their own accommodation. While not a deal breaker, any Focus RS owner from Canada might need to plan well in advance!

This isn’t the first time Ford have offered such a course. Indeed, it is a regular feature of some of Ford’s performance vehicles having offered something very similar to previous Focus RS and ST owners. Personally, I would think it well worthwhile to attend if at all possible as track time and professional instruction is worth its weight in gold.

2016 Ford Focus RS
The 2016 Ford Focus RS is an awesome beast that looks the part. A pure performance car that sacrifices more than a few items to light weight and speed. However, as an affordable performance car with 350 hp on tap, it has yet to be beaten.

While new in North America, the Focus RS has been around in Europe for years so is a mature design. While a pure performance car and stiff, it doesn’t rattle your fillings during normal driving and can be driven as a daily commuter as well as honing around on a track day.

To learn more about the Ford Focus RS, visit Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2 to arrange a test drive.

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