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Ford Maverick details emerge

Ford Maverick details emerge

Another not-so secret new model from Ford has been leaked. Called the Ford Maverick, this is a new small pickup truck based on the Ford Focus chassis and is destined to bolster Ford’s truck lineup even further.

We had heard a new truck was coming. That it would be slightly smaller than the Ranger and quite a lot smaller than the F-150. We didn’t know what it was called or very much about it. Until now.

Ford Maverick

The new model is apparently called the Ford Maverick. It will be a compact pickup truck based on a Focus chassis. It will have four doors, a modest truck bed and be its own model rather than part of any other range.

The Ford Maverick name is not a new one. The original Ford Maverick was a compact car sold here in the seventies, a rebadged Nissan Patrol sold in Australia in the nineties, a rebadged Nissan Terrano sold in Europe in the nineties and a rebadged Ford Escape sold in the early part of this century.

Now the Ford Maverick is being reborn as a compact pickup truck.

Insider Maverick

An insider within the Ford supply chain has leaked some details, including that header image (care of Motor1). The insider said the truck bed is 2 feet shorter than the Ranger’s depending on what body configuration you buy.

If you buy the Maverick SuperCrew the truck bed will be 61 inches where the SuperCab will be 72.8 inches.

While one rumour says the Ford Maverick will be based on a Ford Focus platform, another says it will use the engine and lots of mechanical parts from the Transit Connect. Both could be true of course as they are similar dimensions.

That engine is a standard 2.0-litre four cylinder that generates around 162 hp. There is also thought to be both a manual and automatic transmission option as the Focus has a manual and Transit Connect has an eight speed automatic.

There are likely to be other engine options at launch but we will have to wait and see exactly what. For example, the smaller three cylinder 1.5-litre turbo engine has also been linked to the Maverick but has yet to be confirmed.

Whatever the truth, the Ford Maverick is still in the early stages of pre-production. While panels are being manufactured, it will be a while yet before we see much more.

With everything that’s going on in the world and the stage at which the Maverick appears to be at, it will be well into 2021 at the earliest before we get to see much more of this new Ford.

Image credit: Motor1.com

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