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Ford Mach 1 electric crossover leaked

Ford Mach 1 electric crossover leaked

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A project called ‘Ford Mach 1’ has been leaked. It is apparently an electric crossover that will be based on the Ford Focus or Escape platform and released in North America sometime during 2020. Ford haven’t yet said a great deal about it but we have pieced together some information.

The project is also known as CX430 and is designed as a direct sedan replacement. Which sedan it will replace is still unknown but there are a few to choose from so it’s no big deal. The plan will give us an entirely new crossover to add to the stable and bolster Ford’s model lineup.

Ford Mach 1 mashup
What we know is that The Ford Mach 1 will use the same platform that underpins the new Escape and/or the new Focus. It will also apparently be a design mashup between the Mustang and a crossover, hence the name. The design will apparently lean more towards a hatch than an SUV, so expect something car-like but with crossover pretensions.

I’m not sure how this kind of design is going to work, or why. If this new Mach 1 is going to look like a car and be the same size as a car, why not make it a car? Mixing the awesome design of the Mustang with a more upright design to suit a crossover is going to be a tough one. The Escape and Edge look good but don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are, crossover SUVs. The Mach 1 doesn’t sound like that. Not at the moment anyway.

The same leak that told us about the Mach 1 also said that it has been in the design phase for a couple years. This isn’t some rush job to fill the gap left by the death of the Ford sedan but part of a plan to phase them out while replacing them with alternatives. The EV part is still a mystery right now but as Ford are also planning more hybrids and EVs over the coming years, we will know more about the drivetrain soon enough.

The shift towards electric motoring is inevitable and is no bad thing. We would all benefit from cleaner air and less pollution but at the same time, there is nothing like the roar of a V8 or that intimidating whine from a supercharger spooling up as the revs climb. It is both an interesting and scary time to be a petrolhead!

I’m going to keep an ear to the ground on this and will let you know if I hear any more news. I doubt the Mach 1 is the last new project Ford will be announcing this year!

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