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Ford launches smartwatch apps

Ford launches smartwatch apps


Ford is joining the smartwatch party with the release of
apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear. The app adds a few utilities for owners
of electric and hybrid Ford's and expands what was on offer through MyFord Mobile.

Those new utilities include remote climate control to get
the car up or down to your chosen temperature, remote lock and unlock, mileage
check presumably for range rather than checking the odometer, battery charge
status and walking directions to the car. There are also a few more minor
features which we haven't tried yet.

The main downside to these Ford smartwatch apps is that
currently they are only for Ford electric or plug-in hybrid cars. So that's
Focus Electric, C-Max Energi, Fusion Energi and so on. So owners of standard
Fords will have to wait a while before using these neat features on your own

Hyundai already launched a smartwatch app back in July that
was compatible with all Blue Link cars. It offers remote engine start and stop,
remote locking, remote lights, directions to the car and more too. So if they
can launch a smartwatch app for conventional cars, you can bet Ford will be in
on the act soon enough.

For any car to take advantage of these apps, it will need to
be equipped with a cellular modem. It will need this to "talk" to the
watch and other smartphone apps. Not all Ford models and not all that many
other automaker's models are yet equipped with modems. Those that are can
potentially use this technology. Those that are not, cannot.

Given how automakers are now embracing technology as a main
feature of new cars, we expect more brands to get in on the smartwatch game. We
know that technology is now a major factor in our making buying decisions
because numerous buyer surveys tell us as much. Given how carmakers missed out
on the smartphone revolution, they will be keen to take advantage of any and
all technological advantage they can get.

If you have a Ford electric or plug-in hybrid and a
smartwatch, the app is available now. If you're interested in one of these
cars, visit Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.
We have quite the range of Focus Electric, C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi vehicles.

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