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Ford Issues a Recall for over 700,000 Vehicles

Ford Issues a Recall for over 700,000 Vehicles

Ford issues a recall for over 700,000 vehicles in the past week including the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport.


It’s a voluntary recall but not one we would ignore. We recommend booking your Ford for a service and we can manage the recall work as part of the process.


No injuries or collisions have been caused by these issues but there have been incidents relating to both. So while there is minor risk involved, it’s definitely something we would recommend taking action on.


Ford Escape and Bronco recall


The first recall involves 345,451 models of the 2020-2022 Ford Escape and 2021-2022 Ford Bronco with the 1.5-litre turbocharged 3 cylinder engine.


There is a potential oil leak that could lead to engine fire with this engine.


The engine oil separator housing on this engine can crack, which results in a leak of oil on hot engine components.


The majority of these will result in smoke and a burning oil smell, but could potentially catch fire.


We would definitely recommend checking your Escape or Bronco to see if it’s susceptible and coming to have it checked. All work will be undertaken free of charge.


F-150, Maverick, Expedition, Super Duty and Lincoln Navigator


A second recall is being issued for 391,836 Ford F-150, Maverick, Expedition, Super Duty, and Lincoln Navigator manufactured between 2020 and 2022.


This recall relates to a potentially defective trailer brake. It’s a software issue, a problem within the brake controller software can cause the brake to not be applied properly.


The "trailer brake controller may not properly apply the trailer brakes when towing a trailer equipped with an electric or electric-over-hydraulic brake system."


Not all 2020 to 2022 models are included in this recall. There’s a whole range of dates for each model. We recommend checking with the Ford website, or booking your vehicle for a service.


We will undertake any recall actions as part of that service completely free of charge.


Ford and recalls


Ford doesn’t often recall this many vehicles, which is why you don’t see these recall notices on our blog very often.


All manufacturers issue recalls when they discover something isn’t right with a car. It’s part of their duty of care to deliver a quality product that performs as advertised and won’t endanger life.


While this particular recall involves a large number of cars, there have been no reports of injury or significant risk.


If in doubt, contact one of our team and we can check your specific make, year and model. It’s all part of the service!


Contact Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.


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