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Ford introducing new safety tech into its range

Ford introducing new safety tech into its range

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It seems advances in technology are coming thick and fast. Some of those advances are more useful than others though. Fortunately, this series of upgrades from Ford all concentrate on one essential feature, safety.

Along with infotainment, safety technology is the fastest moving aspect of the automotive industry. As new innovations are developed, older cars fall more and more behind. Automakers also have to work hard to keep up, with model revisions coming thick and fast. Ford is just one automaker trying to keep ahead.

Here are Ford’s new safety tech innovations that will be coming to a car near you soon.

Evasive steering alert
The headline advance is the new evasive steering system that builds upon collision avoidance. The system scans the road ahead and will sound an alert if it detects an obstacle and can then steer the car around that obstacle if the drive takes no action. Rather than just applying the brakes, the system scans ahead and decides where to steer the car, selecting the safest option.

Here is an explainer video from Ford.

Advanced Front Lighting System
The Advanced Front Lighting System is an evolution of adaptive lighting that will automatically shift in the direction of the steering wheel. So if you approach a junction and steer towards one direction, the lights will point more in that direction to provide better visibility. There is also apparently an automatic system that detects whether to change the lights or not.

The beams can also widen to offer even more visibility to drivers.

Wrong Way Alert
Wrong Way Alert does exactly what it says on the tin. It will alert drivers to the fact that you’re driving the wrong way in a lane or down a one-way street. A camera will detect if you’re moving against traffic and use your GPS location to check the right of way on a road. It will then sound an audible alert to let you know.

Traffic Jam Assist
Traffic Jam Assist is essentially adaptive cruise control for traffic jams. It can keep the car in its lane and maintain a given distance from the vehicle in front. It is designed to work in start/stop traffic, which is the daily commute for most of us.

These advances are all being developed on the way to building a fully autonomous vehicle but are being released as individual options when ready. Ford says these new safety innovations are still in the final stages of development and we will likely see them in a couple years’ time.

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