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Ford Focus RS showing at Geneva this week

Ford Focus RS showing at Geneva this week


published news earlier this month that the Ford Focus RS is hitting a third
generation and will be coming to North America. Ford have also revealed that
the hot hatch will be making its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show this
week. This, along with the unveiling of the Ford GT makes this show a busy one
for Ford!

Not only
are we excited about the looks and the performance, we're also excited that we
should be able to drive it here too. There are a lot of fantastic cars being
released over the next twelve months and most of them focus on safety, fuel
efficiency and technology. While we love all that, we also love it when
something designed around pure fun is released too.

That's what
we’re getting with the new Ford Focus RS!

Ford Focus RS

If you
haven't been keeping up with events or missed our piece on the Ford Focus RS, it
is the third generation of the car that offers power, performance and
practicality in one midsize package.

A clever
four wheel drive system is the big news this time round. Gone is front wheel
drive and torque steer and here is a clever all-wheel drive system with
Performance All-Wheel Drive with Dynamic Torque Vectoring. Power distribution
will be 70/30 rear and front while computers will keep grip and traction as much
as possible.

Under the
hood will be a modified Ford Mustang four cylinder. The aluminum 2.3-litre EcoBoost
engine is expected to generate over 315 hp. The modifications over the Mustang
come in the form of a more efficient intercooler, direct fuel injection, twin
independent cam shafts, a new turbo, new lighter and stronger cylinder heads.

This power
will be transmitted via a specially strengthened six speed manual transmission
with no auto option. The Ford Focus RS will also feature tuned suspension, big
brakes, uprated antiroll bars, adjustable dampers and Michelin 235/35 R19 tires.

Even though
this is a pure sports car, the cabin is going to be comfortable, quiet and
quite civilized if rumours are true. Sports seats, an 8 inch touchscreen, Ford
SYNC, reversing camera, park assist and Sony audio are all thought to feature
on the inside. While we would argue that no stereo is necessary in a car that
will sound this good, at least we could get traffic alerts ahead of time!

The FordFocus RS is making its worldwide debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week and
we can't wait!

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