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Ford Focus ending production in 2025

Ford Focus ending production in 2025

Ford has announced the end for one of its most popular vehicles, the Ford Focus. The automaker has said it will be scaling back production from August this year and will cease altogether in 2025.

The Focus is suffering the fate of many sedans and hatchbacks across the world as they are stopped in favour of SUVs and crossovers.

Ford has cut most of its non-crossover models and has narrowed its lineup significantly over the past few years. Only markets like China now have a range of sedans and hatchbacks.

Other automakers have done the same, which is sad news for those of us who don’t want a crossover or SUV.

But it’s the way the market is going and my opinion is clearly in the minority. SUV and crossovers must be significantly outselling other styles otherwise automakers wouldn’t be investing so heavily in them.

If you look at the Ford Canada range now, the only entry under ‘Cars’ is the Mustang. Everything else has gone. Yet, look under ‘SUVs & Crossovers’ and you’ll see 8 models, from the Ecosport all the way up to the Expedition.

It isn’t just Ford, other automakers are going the same way. It’s only the likes of Dodge and German automakers keeping sedans, wagons and hatchbacks alive.

From 2025, if you want something the size of the Focus, it has to be the Ecosport.

2022 Ford Ecosport

The 2022 Ford Ecosport is a small crossover SUV with a car-like feel. It has the shape and size of a Focus but the convenience of a crossover.

The design is typical Ford, with that wide grille and angled lights, short hood and raked windshield. It’s a decent car that’s priced competitively and delivers enough space for a family of four to travel in comfort.

With a frugal 1.0-litre turbocharged three cylinder or four cylinder engines with enough power for this small car, you get decent gas mileage with enough power to not leave you wanting.

The cabin is spacious and practical, with plenty of wipe clean surfaces, ideal for family life. Seats are comfortable and visibility is good all round.

As the 2022 Ford Ecosport is at the bottom of Ford’s food chain, you won’t get lots of tech or safety features. But what you do get is solid reliability, a great chassis and a car you can comfortably buy without a huge auto loan.

For that alone, we have to recommend the 2022 Ford Ecosport!

See the 2022 Ford Ecosport up close at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.

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