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Ford F-150s hit SEMA in style

Ford F-150s hit SEMA in style

SEMA is one of our favourite auto shows. The annual festival
of everything to do with cars and trucks never fails to disappoint and never
fails to surprise. Ford and a slew of tuners are planning to do just that.

To celebrate the 2016 Ford F-150, seven tuners have been let
loose on a truck each and tasked with creating something special. They didn't
disappoint. MRT, Leer, Roush, CGS, Air Design USA, Forgiato and Galpin all took
a stock F-150 and turned it into something that will really turn heads.

Here is the promotional video.


MRT have added a Tremec manual transmission to the 3.5-litre
V6 version and added lots of mechanical and performance modifications to make
it really stand out. The two-tone paint job and external modifications are
certainly something to see!


Leer have gone in another direction and lifted their F-150
by 6 inches and added 35 inch Fuel Road Gripper tires. They also added a Leer
bed cap, custom headlights and exterior body panels. They have also shoehorned
a 1,000 watt stereo into the interior too.


If you don't see the Roush coming, you will certainly hear
it. They took a 5.0-litre F-150 and tuned the V8 motor up to 650 hp. They also
covered the truck in these red, white and black graphics and used red and black
alloy wheels to finish it off.


The CGS truck is much more subtle. A silver paintjob with 24
inch red alloy wheels and side mirrors are the bits you notice first. Then you
see the hood scoop, the Raptor headlights and other exterior modifications. It
really does make you look twice.

Air Design USA

Air Design USA have used just about all of their inventory
of aftermarket F-150 parts in their truck. It features hood scoop, wheel
arches, tailgate spoiler, door mouldings and other smaller tweaks. The rich red
colour and black trim works exceptionally well here too.


Forgiato also lifted their F-150 6 inches and went for red
and black. They added a Whipple supercharger to their 5.0-litre V8 for good
measure. They also used an Air Design USA body kit, black and red alloys and
other tweaks to add menace to their truck.


Galpin went for the heritage look with Gulf colours, black
wheels and trim and roll bar with lights. They also added 37 inch Cooper SST
Pro tires, new suspension, log-travel strings, new brakes, Addictive Desert
Designs XTR body kit and other modifications.

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