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Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV cop car

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV cop car

Ford has released details of a special Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV truck designed specifically for the cops. The SSV stands for Special Service Vehicle and will be able to fulfill a number of roles within law enforcement.

The electric Lightning has gone down a storm and law enforcement seem up for taking it under their wing as part of their fleet.

Despite many companies rethinking their ties to the American police, Ford continues to support them. The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV is the result.

“We’re proud to offer America’s first electric police pickup truck to local government customers who can use the truck’s game-changing technology to help improve their productivity,” Nate Oscarson, Ford Pro national government sales manager said in a statement announcing the new special edition.

Lightning Pro SSV

The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV is available to law enforcement agencies across north America.

The standard model is available with 230 miles of range and around 452 hp driving all four wheels.

This version is the extended range version, offering 320 miles of range and 580 hp driving all four wheels.

Towing capacity will also increase, which may or may not be relevant in law enforcement.

The modified law enforcement Lightning also gets upgraded front seats with extra bolstering for long shifts in the cab, easy-clean rear seats, steel intrusion plates protecting the rear of the front seats, roof mounted lighting, modified controls and instrument panels to work with the extra equipment.

Otherwise, the Lightning is said to be very similar to stock aside from the colour scheme and flashing lights.

Ford is also offering finance options for agencies to help spread the cost.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV cop car looks and feels like the standard F-150 Lightning. Which, in turn, is very similar to the standard F-150.

It’s a pickup truck with double cab, signature Ford front grille and blue oval and standard configuration.

It does look a little different when done up like a cop car though. In fact, it looks a little strange.

We’re used to seeing Dodge Challengers, Ford Explorers, Chevy and other SUVs done up as cop cars, but a truck just looks strange.

Sure, there are going to be niche uses only a truck can fulfil, but there’s something about a cop pickup truck that doesn’t sit right.

I’m sure that’s just me though and I’ll get over it. The standard F-150 is a great truck to look at and the Lightning builds upon that in all the right ways.

The F-150 Lightning is selling fast, so register your interest at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.

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