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The Ford F-150 Lightning EV is Better than we Thought

The Ford F-150 Lightning EV is Better than we Thought

The Ford F-150 Lightning was originally thought to deliver around 300 miles in long range guise but the recent EPA testing has established a 320 mile range.


The standard model gets the expected 230 mile range, which is still good considering the size of the truck.


“We are laser focused on continually improving our energy consumption efficiency for Lightning and the team is really happy to deliver these results for our customers.” Linda Zhang, the chief program engineer, said in a statement announcing the EPA ratings.


This news will offset the news Ford sent to buyers earlier this month telling them deliveries will be delayed while production issues are resolved.


Those production issues include the semiconductor shortage we all hear so much about. That’s impacting all car manufacture, not just the F-150 Lightning.


Deliveries are still slated for late spring or early summer but not quite as quickly as was originally thought.


Ford F-150 Lightning range


The now official range for the Ford F-150 Lightning is 230 miles for the standard range models and 320 miles for the extended range.


The Platinum trim was originally in the middle, estimated at 280 miles range, EPA tested at 300 mile range.


That’s pretty good. It’s also enough to ensure the truck delivers enough for a full day or work without having to make detours to recharge too often.


Standard and extended range

For some reason, Ford calls the standard range Lightning, short rage (SR). That’s not the best marketing moniker there ever was, especially when 230 miles isn’t exactly short.


The extended range (ER) model is more aptly named. It achieves 320 miles between charges, which is more than acceptable fore a work truck.


That should be more than enough range for all but a few owners who buy a new F-150. Those that do more miles can still elect for a gas or diesel model while they are still around.


The Platinum trim sits in the middle, with 300 miles of range.


Ford F-150 Lightning


The Ford F-150 Lightning looks a lot like the standards truck with a high front end, complicated light design and large grille.


Only this time, that grille is purely decorative as it doesn’t need to feed a combustion engine.


There is also a slightly different lower sill arrangement and new wheels, but otherwise, aside from a couple of modest trim changes, this looks and feels a lot like the F-150 we know and love.


Under the skin is a pair of electric motors, one on each axle. They should provide enough power to haul and tow with the best of them and deliver all the things we expect of a truck.


Ford is also including Intelligent Range. This is a piece of software used in the Mach-E that gives feedback on the amount of energy being used and an accurate measure of range.


It takes into account traffic, load, weather and other influences to provide realistic estimates of range so you’re never left hanging.


It should offer genuine peace of mind to new electric truck owners!


Learn more about the Ford F-150 Lightning at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.


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