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Ford EV crossover will ‘go like hell’

Ford EV crossover will ‘go like hell’

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The upcoming Ford EV crossover will ‘go like hell’. According to the company anyway. A quote taken from Bill Ford, Ford Executive Chairman, is being widely quoted online right now and with good reason. There is a lot of anticipation for this performance EV from Ford and I am one of those waiting for more news.

The quote comes from a comment Ford made at the Crain's Detroit Business Newsmaker of the Year conference. It is what the original Henry Ford is supposed to have said to his drivers at Le Mans when he wanted to beat Ferrari in the original GT 40.
In context, the comment came as Bill Ford was explaining the change in understanding automakers now have of EVs. He said the original thought was that electric vehicles would be green and boring and could not compete with faster cars, or be performance-oriented and burn fuel. Now automakers can appreciate they can be both green and performance-oriented.
Ford EV crossover
The upcoming Ford EV crossover, supposedly inspired by the Mustang is still a way off yet but we know it is coming. We have seen the spy shots and we have seen the trademark filing. We also think we know the codename if not the production name, Mach E. Rumours also mention a 300 mile range but that is also unconfirmed.
We have no more detail on it yet but performance is definitely supposed to be at the heart of this new crossover. Exactly how that will manifest itself is still up in the air. Ford have been better at keeping secrets than usual with this car and it’s surprising as well as frustrating.
We expect the vehicle to be with us sometime in 2020 so we should begin to hear rumours and see more spy shots soon. With Lincoln also planning their own version of this new crossover, one or the other is going to let the cat out of the bag.
Along with Kia’s new sports EV I talked about yesterday, Ford is one of many automakers bringing more interesting green vehicles to market. It’s a real change and great to see. While Lincoln still hedge by not wanting to mention ‘E’ in vehicle designations and preferring to confuse everyone by calling them GTs, other automakers are embracing electric motoring.
We all love the roar of a V8 and the kick in the back that it gives when your foot hits the floor. But we all know that they are unsustainable for mainstream motoring and that they will become a thing for collectors and enthusiasts. If automakers can give us as much fun in an EV as they can in a V8, there are going to be good times ahead!
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