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Ford cutting summer break to keep up with demand

Ford cutting summer break to keep up with demand


A little
while ago, we told you that FCA were going to work over the traditional summer
break so they could keep up with orders. It seems
Ford are
having to do the same this year. Although rather than cut the break completely,
they are reducing the shutdown from two weeks to one.

inside Ford said demand for the Ford F-150, Edge, Explorer and Ford Escape were
responsible for the move. All have sold incredibly well and Ford are having
trouble keeping up.

By cutting
the summer break by half, Ford can complete an extra 40,000 vehicles. This
should cut into waiting times significantly which is good news all round.
Except for the workers who take their summer vacation during the shutdown of

Not all
Ford plants will halve their summer break. Those lucky workers at Chicago,
Dearborn Truck, Kansas City, Louisville and Oakville manufacturing plants as
well as powertrain and stamping plants such as Livonia Transmission, Rawsonville
Transmission, Sharonville Transmission, Sterling Axle, Buffalo Stamping, Chicago
Stamping, Dearborn Consolidated, Kansas City Stamping and Woodhaven Stamping
will all be working an extra week this year.

meet surging customer demand for our top-selling trucks and utilities, we are
continuing to run our North American facilities during the traditional two week
summer shutdown in order to add close to 40,000 units," said Bruce Hettle,
Ford vice president, North America Manufacturing. "Six of our assembly
plants will build for an additional week in order to ensure we’re getting more
of our vehicles into dealerships." (

This isn't
the first time Ford has cut its summer break short. In fact, it's the third
straight year that some parts of the supply chain and manufacturing have worked
longer during the year to keep up.

mentioned, strong sales of the Ford F-150, Edge, Explorer and Escape are mainly
responsible for this move. Ford says that on average, an F-150 spends less than
20 days at a dealership before being sold. An Edge lasts a mere 10 days while
the Escape moves almost as quickly. The release of the 2016 Explorer is also
expected to create significant demand for this newest of models.

Could this
spell the end of the traditional two week break for automakers? We think not,
as manufacturing plants need to perform essential maintenance, cleanups and
retooling during this period. So while production may pause, there is still
work going on at the plants. We don't see how you could regularly do all this
work without shutting things down.

happens with the summer holiday, it's good news for Ford workers and for the
company itself. New models are resonating well with buyers and are really
hitting the spot.

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