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Ford cars will soon see round corners

Ford cars will soon see round corners


New split
view technology from Ford is set to allow cars to see round corners. Ford
Europe are trialling Front Split View Camera technology on S-Max and Galaxy
vehicles to see how the new ability goes down. We should also be getting the
technology soon on the 2015 Ford Edge and 2016 Explorer.

Front Split
View Camera uses a camera placed within the front grille and rear bumper of the
vehicle. It has a wide lens that can offer a 180 degree view in front and
behind the car. As long as the nose or tail of the car has a view of what's
going on, the camera can pick up oncoming traffic or hazards that the driver
may not be able to see.

The camera
output is sent to a three panel display inside the cabin so you can see what's
going on even though technically the situation is out of sight. This could have
real safety benefits at blind junctions or where the car is unsighted before manoeuvring.
Some of the streets around here are full of SUVs, making pulling out of a
junction or driveway troublesome to say the least. This system could help us
out significantly.

“It’s not
just blind junctions that can be stressful, sometimes an overhanging tree, or
bushes can be the problem,” said Ronny Hause, engineer, driver assistance
electronic systems.

driving off driveways can be a challenge. Much like a rear-view camera, Front
Split View Camera is one of those technologies that people will soon find
indispensable. From sunrise to sunset we tested the Front Split View Camera on
all kinds of roads, congested urban streets and areas with a lot of cyclists
and pedestrians.”

tunnels, narrow alleys and garages in all light conditions also meant we could
ensure the technology worked well even when sunlight was shining directly into
the camera.” 

To ensure
the camera is always being useful, a tiny jet washer will keep the lens clean. This
little piece of technology is as interesting as the camera itself, at least to
us anyway. The little washer will be activated the same way you use the screen
washer. A retractable jet will clean the lens and then shift out of the way
once done. Neat!

As long as
drivers are still able to take responsibility for their actions and drive
accordingly, we think the more safety technology included in cars the better.
The only downside is that it is bound to make some drivers lazy. Just because
we're making our cars safer, doesn't mean we can relax when we're out on the
road. We still have a responsibility to those around us!

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new Ford vehicles and technology at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road
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