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Ford Bronco reboot is on

Ford Bronco reboot is on

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Some news I saw last week but didn’t get a chance to communicate was that the Ford Bronco reboot looks to be a definite thing. We had heard that Ford were mooting the idea but nothing had been confirmed or finalized.

While we are still waiting for official confirmation, the boss of the union local at Ford's Michigan assembly plant has told journalist the Bronco is a go. So forgive me for getting a little ahead of myself by getting excited at the prospect already. That same union rep, Bill Johnson also said the Ranger was coming back to North America too.

The original Bronco began production in 1966 and ran through until 1978 when it supersized and ran for a few more years until 1996. The Ranger is still in production and is sold in many countries around the world except for here.

New Ford Bronco
So what do we know about the proposed new Ford Bronco? Not a lot at the moment unfortunately. The current thinking is that it will share the same underpinnings as the new Ranger as both will be manufactured side by side. That will mean a not-so compact Bronco but it makes logistics easier to manage.

There is a massive appetite both here and in the U.S. for SUVs right now. With low gas prices and a desire to support domestic brands, Ford and Jeep are enjoying something of a boom time. Something as iconic as the Bronco would capitalize on that massively.

That means the likelihood of a two door Bronco is tiny to say the least, especially as the current appetite seems to be for four doors. There are dozens of fan renderings around that make a new Bronco look awesome, Unfortunately, the reality of the new model is likely to be very different. Until we get an official confirmation, we won’t write off the idea of a compact two door SUV.

According to that union guy in Michigan, production is due sometime in 2018. That means the new Bronco would likely be a 2019 model at the earliest. That gives us plenty of time to find out more about the vehicle and to start making room in the garage for when it’s released!

In the meantime, Ford has a range of top class SUVs already available. See all the latest deals and offers at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.

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