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Ford F150 Lightning Pre-Production Begins!

Ford F150 Lightning Pre-Production Begins!

With over 150,000 reservations, the F-150 Lightning is something Ford has to get right. The new Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan is where the truck is being finalized and the testers are rolling off the production line as we speak.


Retail is still a way off yet but the spring 2022 release will be here sooner than you think.


The Ford F150 Lightning saw astounding levels of interest with the first batch selling out within 12 hours. The next batch sold out within 48 hours and further releases to a total of 150,000 units all sold out soon after.


Considering Ford had set production capacity to 80,000 a year, there’s going to be quite the wait for some future owners!


Bill Ford, executive chair, Ford Motor Company said:


“We knew the F-150 Lightning was special, but the interest from the public has surpassed our highest expectations and changed the conversation around electric vehicles. So we are doubling down, adding jobs and investment to increase production. This truck and the Ford-UAW workers who are assembling it in Michigan have a chance to make history and lead the electric vehicle movement in America.”


This is the first step from turning the Ford F-150 Lightning from a marketing exercise into a tangible truck.


Ford F150 Lightning


The Ford F-150 Lightning looks a lot like the standard truck and that’s a good thing. It should attract traditional truck owners and new EV truck fans equally without alienating anyone.


It still has an imposing front end with big grille and blue oval but softens it a little with that LED light bar that goes around the top half of the grille.


The truck is thought to include a dual motor powertrain with a motor at each end. The combination will provide four wheel drive and an output of between 460 and 560 hp depending on who you believe.


There will also apparently be two battery capacities with one offering up to 230 miles of range and the other offering 300 miles of range.


Charging can take place at home with a home charging station that comes with the truck. The 150kW DC charger should be able to take the batteries from 15-80% in around 40 minutes.


There will also be an intelligent backup power function that can use energy stored in batteries to power your home through the charger should your mains electric go down.


There will be four trims at launch, Pro, XLT, Lariat and Platinum. Each can offer two battery types, Pro Power Onboard, ford Co-Pilot360, Mega Power Frunk, Ford SYNC 4 with a 15.5” touchscreen. A 12.0” digital instrument cluster will also be available.


While no firm date has been set, Ford have hinted at a spring 2022 release. As the testers are now hitting the streets, that’s not an unreasonable timeframe to get in the miles, identify areas of improvement and implement them into the production design.


Learn more about the Ford F-150 Lightning at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.


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