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Ford announces roadmap for next five years

Ford announces roadmap for next five years

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Last Thursday, Ford announced their growth plan for the next five years. The plan outlines where the Blue Oval is heading over the coming decade or so. Also where their development direction is going to be and what vehicles they think will warrant their full attention in terms of design, improvement and release.

While the plan stretches to ten years in places, many of the deadlines are set at 2020, which doesn’t give the company long to deliver. Here are some of the highlights of the new Ford plan.
More performance models

As if the Raptor, Ford GT and various Mustangs weren’t enough, Ford is also planning 12 performance variants by 2020. Exactly what those models are we don’t know yet but considering the deadline is only a little over three years, I would guess at performance variants of existing models rather than new models altogether.

More SUV and crossover models
Our appetite for SUV and crossover vehicles is growing. With the success of the Escape and Expedition in North America, Ford also wants to build up its portfolio of smaller utilities across Europe and other markets where big isn’t always viewed as best. To answer that call, Ford plans to release four SUV and/or crossover models by 2020.

More electric models
Ford definitely view electric motoring as the way forward so is pushing ahead with the release of 13 new electric vehicles by 2020. That would bring alternative-fuelled vehicles up to 40% of Ford’s total output. Ford expects that to expand to 50% by 2030.

More autonomous models
We know that Ford is planning autonomous ride sharing by 2021. Cars without any of the driving bits, no steering wheel, pedals, or anything useful to control the vehicle. The automaker also thinks autonomous vehicles will account for 20% of vehicle sales by 2030.

More cars
While Ford’s truck and SUV market share is healthy, it isn’t doing so well in the car department. Considering how many Fords there are on the road, that might be hard to believe but it is apparently true. So Ford will be scaling back on the available options on their cars. It is intended to lower the buyer confusion and improve productivity within the manufacturing base.

More Mexico
Finally, Ford are planning to shift more production to Mexico. The company says that by 2018 all small car production will be shifted south and the American and Canadian plants will concentrate on SUVs and trucks. While not necessarily great for the economy, the two strongest markets for Ford remain here and in the U.S. which is no bad thing I guess.

Ford is planning a lot of changes for the upcoming decade, with most of these having hard targets within the next four years. Only time will tell if the Blue Oval can deliver but we hope it can balance everything so it can.
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