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Ford announces new Bronco for spring 2020

Ford announces new Bronco for spring 2020

Ford has announced that the new Bronco truck will be unveiled officially sometime in spring next year. After months of speculation and of hope, we now know when we can finally get to see the truck for real. We still don’t know the actual date but at least we have a better idea now.

We know very little about the Ford Bronco. We know it’s an SUV and designed on the rugged side of SUVs. We know it will go head to head with the Jeep Wrangler and that it will be ideal for the market who thinks the F-150 is too big. We also know that the Bronco will build on the nostalgia of the original while bringing it right up to date.

Ford has released this video:

2021 Ford Bronco

It’s unusual for an automaker to remain quite so silent on an upcoming model. By this time, a few months before release, marketing departments would be working overtime by releasing teasers, rumours and supplying rumours to websites. Not this time. Ford has been very quiet. But we do know a few things and think we know a few others.

We know that the 2021 Ford Bronco will use the same platform as the Ford Ranger. We know it will be slightly smaller but most of the chassis and suspension will be used. We think the 2.3-litre engine from the Ranger will also feature but Ford have yet to confirm that. It is reasonable to expect the 10 speed transmission to feature as it works so well everywhere else.

Rumours say there may be a 7 speed manual transmission on offer too but this has yet to be confirmed. As is the rumour that there may also be a diesel variant. That may be true for other regions but not necessarily North America.

There are also rumours that the Bronco will have removable panels like the Wrangler. This wouldn’t be surprising if it is designed to take on the Wrangler in the market. They are also relatively easy to design and build so it is entirely possible.

While not confirmed, we expect the Bronco to feature a range of driver safety tech, WiFi, OTA updates, Ford Sync 4 and a bunch of brand new features. Just what and how much is still unconfirmed.

Release date and price are the biggest unknowns. Originally Ford had hinted at a 2020 release. With the official reveal not until spring 2020, that would likely be late in the year if not early 2021. Price is still up in the air but it will have to be competitive against the Wrangler, so expect it to sit around the $30,000 USD mark. We’ll confirm when we can.

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