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Ford almost used a Mustang for Le Mans instead of GT

Ford almost used a Mustang for Le Mans instead of GT

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I read a piece of news last week on Automotive News that surprised me a lot. According to Ford, they were going to fit out a Mustang to challenge the Le Mans 24 hour race instead of developing the new Ford GT. The hottest domestic supercar ever almost never happened!

According to the piece, Raj Nair, product development head and chief technology officer at Ford said that there were originally no plans to develop the Ford GT at all. Ford were instead going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their win with a Mustang. It was only the monumental amount of work needed and the cost of each Mustang that caused the Blue Oval to look elsewhere.

According to Nair, it would have taken too much work and an estimated quarter million dollars US to modify a Mustang to be competitive in this class. He admits that he wasn’t very happy that a Mustang couldn’t be made to be competitive but then decided to take on the GT project along with his 12 engineers. The results speak for themselves.

In 2016, on its debut Le Mans race, the new Ford GT came first, third and fourth, beating Ferrari once more. Just like it did back in 1966.

2017 Ford Mustang
The 2017 Ford Mustang isn’t a GT car by any means but it can be every other kind of car. Commuter, school run specialist, grocery shopper, road trip wonder, weekend car, track car or whatever. There is a Mustang for every mood and the balance between normal driving and that little something extra is very finely done.

The looks need no introduction or repetition. It is by far one of the finest looking cars on the road right now. The heritage is still there, but so is the excitement. It is a fantastic looking car with enough to make it look sporty but not too much to turn people off.

With multiple engine options including an EcoBoost V6 that delivers performance alongside decent gas mileage, there is a Mustang for everyone. Want to go fast? The Mustang GT with its 5.0-litre V8 will deliver. Want to drive anywhere at any time? Any of the engines and coupe or convertible options will get you there in comfort and style.

Few modern motor vehicles manage to combine so many things into one finely tuned product. It’s no wonder they sell so well!

Visit Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2 for a test drive of the 2017 Ford Mustang. I bet you love it!

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