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Five tips to prepare your car for spring

Five tips to prepare your car for spring

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Preparing our vehicles for winter is a tradition most Canadians know well. Check the winter tires, check the battery, fluid levels and dig the winter safety kit from out the back of the garage and put it in the trunk. But what about when winter is over and spring arrives? What do we do then? Here are five tops to prepare your car for spring.

1. Summer tires
The first obvious change is going to removing those winter tires if you used them. While this hasn’t been the worst winter we have ever had, there were some definite cold spots where winter tires more than earned their keep. Now is the time to swap them out for all-season or summer tires.

Check over your winter tires to make sure they will be okay for next year and put your summer tires on if the average daily temperature is above 7-10C. Check their condition, pressure and tread level and then get them fitted. Spring brings rain, freeze/thaw and potholes. Your tires need to be up to the task.

2. Check soft parts
If winter was harsh in your part of Canada, the soft parts of your car may have taken a battering. Check wiper blades, hoses, suspension gaters and any soft parts in your engine bay. They don’t have to have been directly exposed to the salt or cold to perish or become damaged.

Changing a hose while on your driveway is less expensive and much less hassle than having to be recovered and getting a garage to do it.

3. Check fluids
Depending on how far north you are you may have had to change antifreeze levels or even the type of oil you use. A fluid check at the beginning of spring ensures your car is ready for the season to come. Check water, antifreeze, oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid for quality and levels.

All fluids should be relatively clear, free of debris, not split, have any white foam or lumps. If you see any of those, change the fluid.

4. Check lights and exterior equipment
While we have just spent three or four months using our lights every day, spring is a good time to make sure all bulbs are working. Check the condition of the light lenses, make sure your turn signals all work and pay special attention to your brake lights. It only takes a minute and will save you a ticket or worse if a light is out.

5. Spring clean the car
Visibility is key at any time of year but when motorcyclists, cyclists and animals come out of hibernation and begin venturing out onto the road it is more important than ever to be able to see. Give your car a clean, a good wax and keep those windows clear. Tidying up the interior is always good idea as a clean car is a much nicer place to be!

If you need help with any of these tasks, book your car in for a service at your nearest Car Nation Canada location. We will make sure you’re ready for the road ahead!

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